Services to Producers


Passion d'ici offers turnkey services to producers and processors in the agri-food industry. The company is responsible for purchasing and warehousing products to sell in the entire province. Their sales representatives visit clients, present products to managers or store owners, take orders and send them to the warehouse on a daily basis.

Passion d’ici invoice clients, prepare and securely deliver orders using its own drivers and trucks.

Passion d'ici also offer a promotion and tasting service to its producers; an essential element to make products known to consumers. They have a professional tasting team in most of the territories. The team is passionate and dynamic. Their role is to make consumers taste the products, educate the population and maximize in-store sales.

Passion d’ici also participate in trade shows such as Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert in Montreal and Quebec, Le Salon des Artisans in Quebec city, La Fête des Vendanges in Magog, etc.

In summary, Passion d'ici acts as a sales and marketing partner with each of its producers.




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