Comme ma mère soups


From the Rougemont region, Verger Trois Pommes has developed an innovative product line of dry soups called “COMME MA MÈRE” (Like My Mother’s). Available in four varieties, these soups include a legume, a cereal, beef or chicken broth, vegetables and seasonings.  You only need to add water and a can of diced tomatoes as needed and boil for approximately 45 minutes.  You will get 12 to 15 servings of soup from every 400g of dry ingredients and 6-7 servings per 200g jar. A simple, tasty and economical solution for a family that wants to eat well. Each portion costs only $0.50.

We offer two varieties of regular soups:

  •       Barley and lentil in 400g and 200g formats
  •       Country soup with cracked peas and brown rice in 400g and 200g format

And two varieties of vegan soups:

  •       Lentil: the same formats are available
  •       Indian spice:  the same formats are available

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