Caramel from La Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil


In 1995, this famous caramel was inserted into chocolates. A real delicacy. These «caramel chocolates» were so popular that the owner simply decided to put them in jars.


Located beside the church in Beloeil, La Chocolaterie du Vieux Beloeil was founded in 1995. An undisputed leader in the production of artisanal caramel in Quebec, La Chocolaterie makes caramel with local and natural ingredients such as sugar, cream and butter. The original recipe for making a truly handmade caramel consists of heating the sugar to a very high temperature while stirring constantly.  When the sugar reaches its burning point, the butter and cream are added.

La Chocolaterie du Vieux Beloeil offers a wide variety of caramel.  In addition to the very popular fleur de sel, we offer maple, white chocolate, dark chocolate as well as natural caramel which was the first to be commercialized.  These rich and buttery tasting caramels come in 314 or 106 ml formats; perfect for your gift baskets.

We also offer packaging in duo or trio formats.  A great idea for a hostess gift or for a teacher, or friend, etc. Share your favorites with the people you love!


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